Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stag Night

The other day Ján surprised the guys at work by us know that he and his girlfriend, Markéta, are getting married at the weekend.  Just a small ceremony with their families.

Well there's no way that the boys were going to let him off that easy.  You can't get married without a stag night.  So after a couple of hours they pulled together an impromptu sendoff.  Ján was told to show up and to be sure to have a helmet.

Ján and his helmet
The first event was to show up at the Starobrno brewery to ride the beer tram.

The Starobrno Brewery is the successor to brewery founded in 1325.  In the later 19th century is was remanded Starobrno, which means "old Brno".  In 2009 it became a part of Heineken.

The beer tram is exactly what it sounds like - a pub inside of a tram.  The trams sits 38 people, another 17 can stand, there are plenty of cup holders, a bar, music, Wi-Fi, and there's even a loo on board.

The tram can follow any of the tracks in Brno so you just tell the driver what part of town you want to ride in.  We booked the tram for an hour.

My first Czech stag night.  11 chaps, 30 litres of beer, and 1 hour.  Challenge accepted!

After the ride, and those 30 litres of beer, we had dinner at the brewery.  It was later followed by more traditional stag night activities, also known as going to a strip bar.  Sorry, no photos from the strip bar.

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